Love, Saskatchewan, Canada

Gateway to the
Scenic Narrow Hills
The Village Of Love

They say that there is no better place one can be, than to be in Love. We who live here tend to agree whole-heartedly. Let's look at a few of the reasons why we think that any tour of this area is not complete unless it includes a stop over in Love.

Although there are many colorful versions how the Village came by it's name, we tend to believe it was named in honor of the first C.P.R. conductor, Tom Love.

In the 1940's, when lumber was king, our Village population reached a boomin 250 people. As the mighty White Spruce disappeared, so did our population. The lumber industry was gradually replaced with mixed farming.

During the years, when Love was in her prime, we had many businesses on Main Street. Today, however, there can still be found a garage, hotel, gift shop and church.

Today our population ranges around 80 or so warm, friendly folk. Their family histories reflect origins from the British Isles, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and many other countries that, when blended, produce a true Canadian mosaic spirit.

As was mentioned, Love takes pride in being known as the "Gateway to the Narrow Hills". For anyone wishing to view nature at its best, we recommend you to take a trip through the Narrow Hills. The Tourism Committee has been very busy the past two years improving the trail so anyone can enjoy the untouched beauty the nature Esker has to offer. Upon reaching the top of this Esker, you will truly feel on top of the world . While driving the thirty mile trail there are many sights to see and lakes to stop at perhaps cast for that trophy Northern Pike, Walleye or Trout. In the winter months the trail provides the snowmobiler and cross-country skier with some exciting, challenging and breath-taking trails.

Our Tourism Committee has just recently completed a campsite located in the Village of Love. A lovely camp kitchen, playground area, outside toilets, and water make this a place worth stopping at for a little while before carrying on to the Narrow Hills. It is free of charge, too!

We have many requests to construct a "Chapel of Love" for those wishing to seal their vows in Love. Although we are not able to complete such a project as yet, one never knows what the future might hold. There is a church in Love that will accommodate that for now.

There is a special note about Love, however. We are pleased to present, thanks to Canada Post, our very own Cancellation Stamp in honor of our namesake and our Village symbol.

This stamp has caught the attention of people as far away as Japan. With the wonderful success we have had with the T-shirts, we are anticipating that a larger assortment of souvenirs will soon be available.

For more information on how you can get your letters stamped with this unique, and cuddly creature, or the purchase of the T-shirt, contact:

Post Mistress
Love, Saskatchewan
S0J 1P0

Monday - Saturday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
(Central Time)

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